Cell Phone Effects on Sperm and The Brain

What do the brain and sperm have in common? Both are crucial to the future of the human race. And, sperm and the brain both suffer significant effects from cell phone EMF radiation exposure. But there’s more to it. In a recent TEDx talk, Dr. Devra Davis, Ph.D, explores the connection between these two disparate parts of the body. And what she says about the dirty secret of cell phone testing may surprise you.

The “Dirty Secret” Of Cell Phone Testing

Dr. Davis is an epidemiologist and international expert on mobile phone radiation.

She starts her talk by exposing a “dirty secret” of the telecommunications industry: cell phones are not tested in the way they’re used. SAR levels from cell phones are “tested in a holster, away from the body,” she explains.

So what would happen if you tested a cell phone in a real-world situation? One in which the phone was held close to the body?

In a scandal known as PhoneGate, the French government tested hundreds of cell phones in real-world conditions. What did they find? That 9 out of 10 phones failed to pass current European safety standards.

And by no small amount either. Says Dr. Davis: “When they were tested by the French government in the shirt or pants pocket equivalent, they issued three to four times more radiation than is currently approved.”

The problem with this is obvious. We’re falsely led to believe our mobile phones are emitting a “safe” level of radiation. But in the simple act of carrying our phone in our pocket, we’re absorbing up to four times more radiation than we realize.

What’s interesting about Dr. Davis’ TED talk is that she delves further into the science, and the health implications of this fact.

Cell Phone Effects on Sperm and The Brain

We know that next to the head and the pocket of our pants are two of the most common places to have contact with phones. But it turns out these two areas are also particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of radiation. A cell phone has effects on both sperm and the brain.

This has to do with the fatty nature of both body parts. Brain neurons, for example, are protected by a fatty sheath called myelin. And fat, says Dr. Davis, plays an important role in attracting and storing toxic materials like pesticides and heavy metals. Therefore “the fat-loving brain, and the fat-happy sperm, both are storage sites for toxic agents.”

As for how this toxin-storage process is influenced by cell phone exposure? “Microwave radiation enhances the absorption of any toxic material in your body,” says Dr. Davis. “That is why it’s so important to understand that you want to keep these devices off your body, and especially away from your children.”

So to put it simply, we absorb toxins through our skin or by breathing them in. These toxins are caught by a protective fatty coating. But when we’re exposed to microwave radiation, the absorption of these toxins is amplified — and those fatty storage sites for toxins have a hard time keeping up.

That probably explains why EMF exposure has been found to contribute to myelin deterioration. For example, one 2014 study concluded that “evidence from in vivo and in vitro and epidemiological studies suggests an association between RF-EMF exposure and either myelin deterioration or a direct impact on neuronal conduction”. And a 2017 study found that long-term RF-EMF exposure in mice “led to myelin sheath damage and mice [displaying] hyperactivity-like behaviour”.

Because human brains are not fully myelinated until we reach our mid-20s, younger brains are even more vulnerable to this damage from radio frequency EMFs.

What We Can Do About It

So as we’ve discovered from Dr. Davis’ talk, sperm and brain have several things in common. They’re two of the fastest working and fastest growing parts of the body. And while we rarely think of either of them as being “fatty” organs, that’s what they are.

Because fat attracts toxins, and EMFs amplify toxin absorption, that makes them particularly susceptible to the effects of cell phone radiation. Especially in younger people.

But the most important link between the two is that they both need our care and protection. Understanding that cell phone testing is done away from the body is a start. We can take measures like keeping our phones out of our pockets, or using an Air Tube Headset or the Headset Anti Radiation Device during phone conversations.

Dr. Davis also points out that melatonin helps to counter and repair damage from EMFs. To produce more of it, don’t use your devices directly before sleep as this interferes with circadian rhythms and melatonin production.

Taking these simple measures is a first step in protecting both our brains and our reproductive organs from EMF-related damage. These body parts are more than important: as Dr. Davis says, our future depends on them.

Source: Shield Your Body

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