The All-New EMF Health Effects App

The All-New EMF Health Effects App: Understand the Readings on Your EMF Meter Clearly in Seconds

Here at Shield Your Body (SYB), we’re determined to break the barrier between complex EMF science and the general population. And as a part of this mission, we created the extremely useful “EMF Health Effects” app. Keep on reading to know more.

If you measure the EMF levels in two neighboring homes, you’ll probably find a massive difference. And if each one wants to reduce their exposure down to a level where it’s safer for their health, their strategies also need to be different.

See, when it comes to EMF mitigation, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why it’s important that you first test your exposure using an EMF meter and then take appropriate actions.

Although EMF testing is fairly simple, understanding the readings on an EMF meter is a bit tricky. These meters use scientific units, which can be incomprehensible to the general population as they’re not something that we use in our day-to-day lives.

But we came up with a solution to bridge this gap, and we call it the EMF Health Effects app.

The All-New EMF Health Effects App

The EMF Health Effects app is a web browser-based application where you can enter the readings from your EMF meter, and it will search our huge database of scientific studies to find the effects recorded on that specific EMF level.

This app is highly user-friendly. All you need to do is select the unit, enter your reading, and hit “Get Results.” This whole process takes less than thirty seconds, and you’ll have everything you need to plan your EMF mitigating journey.

Why Did We Build This App?

Testing EMF levels is the first and one of the most crucial steps to reducing your EMF radiation exposure. That’s why I’m a huge advocate of people learning how to test EMF. If you have this knowledge, you can:

  • Test the ambient levels of EMF in your home to understand your current situation
  • Test EMF shielding products to check their legitimacy
  • And finally, identify heavy EMF-emitting sources in your home so that you can take necessary further actions.

But, because EMF meters use scientific units, the readings may not make a whole lot of sense to you even if you do learn how to use them.

You can indeed compare the data to, say, the Building Biology Institute guidelines to see if they are high or low or worrisome. But you won’t know exactly what the levels mean for you.

Undoubtedly, there are thousands of scientific studies on EMF’s health effects. But again, there’s a lot of confusion.

Science can tell you much about a certain negative health effect of prolonged EMF exposure through experiments and epidemiological research. But the question remains, what is YOUR risk of developing that specific health problem?

The EMF Health Effects app is an attempt to remove this confusion and give you an approximate idea of the health risks associated with your level of exposure.

This App will:

  1. Help you better understand what a meter reading means by associating it with scientific studies at those specific exposure levels
  2. Help you better sort through some of the higher quality science by making it indexable/searchable by exposure level (which, to my knowledge, is not possible anywhere else).

Precision is important when your goal is to bring your EMF exposure level down to a place where it’s safer for your health. And the EMF Health Effects app helps you with that. Also, did I mention that it’s free? So, be sure to check it out on the Shield Your Body website, and start making the journey of life a bit safer and healthier for yourself and your loved ones.

Here is the link to the free EMF Health App and more valuable information

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